Friday, January 7, 2011

My Journal continued part 2

After spending three years in a independent and assisted living facility in Decatur Alabama with the name “Cedar Springs, I transferred my residence to a like facility in Monrovia California, returning to whence I came, and have just completed one year here at, The Gables. I have become more aware of God’s unbounded grace and love. God never fails to amaze me as he reveals the mysteries of life and how ignorant of them I have been about his truths for so long. It took 86 of my 90 years and many encounters with our adversary before I prioritized Him to be the number one purpose for living, and He took over all my failures and opened my heart to receive His unbridled grace.
The Gables is only one of 565 different communities’ within the, Brookdale Senior Living establishments. There are 53,600 residents cared for by 38,000 caring, and dedicated employees. The motto of these particular establishments is, “Enriching the lives of those we serve with compassion, respect, excellence and integrity.”
It is a traumatic experience for anyone giving-up the life style we cultivate over our maturing years and move to live among total strangers, but I come to realize there are many priceless reasons that support such a move. I can list a few and they are:
· The peace of mind assuring your life style will retains self dignity during your waning years.
· The assurance for your loved ones that you are safe and well taken care of.
· You are not an unwanted burden that could unintentionally result in discord among your precious loved ones.
· Adopting a new family of co-residence finding additional friends with many social activities is very stimulating and healthy.
· You no longer have to strive to maintain a home, do housework, cooking, shopping for other than self personal needs, and then if required help is offered.

This establishment is neither a hospital facility, nor a charitable organization, but is a free enterprise company and one that offers a priceless service for so many. It is an American company that is attributing to the economic well being of our country, they select and train their employees to have compassion with patients’ needed to provide the service to so many different behavior’s associated with the various maladies affecting the residence of each establishment, whether physical, or mental or both. One thing is common, that is we all are dependant and should not live alone.
I have found it very challenging spiritually for the need is great to portray and emulate the love of our Father for each and every one of these residence, but just how. I have to trust my Lord, and should He call on me I know He will provide in me His efficiency. Yet it is well to consider what God says Romans 12 verse 3, “Think not too highly of yourself”.
This journal will be continued as events dictate and if the Lord tarries. In the meantime recognize your blessing if you are a resident of such a home as I have described.