Wednesday, July 18, 2012



First a question, when reading the words of scripture are you limited to the depicted story as biblical history, or the revelation of a message applicable to you in these current daily events? For it is written: “He who is of God hears the words of God”; Therefore I draw your attention to the phrase that Jesus used often after teaching in parables: “To those that have ears, let them hear.” For those that do not hear, this message is for you, it is not too late for as it is written; “The end of all things is at hand; therefore be of sound judgment”, and for those who are not of God, it will not be pleasant as Satan’s predicted reign through the last tribulation with great anguish transpires. So I implore you, submit yourself to Jesus, and ask Him to be your Lord, and become a member of His family and gai the gift of eternal life with Him in His earthly heavenly kingdom yet to come. It is to you that have not yet experience that rebirth, born again, receiving from Him a new spirit, a new heart of flesh and a new mind becoming a new creature in Christ Jesus, and to all my brothers, all my sisters in the family of Christ Jesus, that constitutes my worldly neighbors who have to struggle with the everyday issues pertaining to our living in this confused and competitive world with its evil and perplexed environments, this is a narration I trust will reveal the mystery key to understanding the absolute truths that when applied will free us from all bondage to ignorance that prevents us from receiving God’s Grace. These truths are imbedded, and concealed within the written word of God, and thoroughly reveals just how current it is today in this age of rapidly changing technologies affecting our life styles. It is written that the Holy Spirit sent to us as a helper and comforter after Jesus ascended to His Father in Heaven will teach us all things, and that includes all things pertaining to God and to Life. If it is concealed, it is only concealed to non-believers, and to those who have been taught a compromised gospel which has misled Christians, and those who are ignorant of the truth due to their slothfulness in studying His commandments, His instructions and precepts, and then applying  them to personal everyday life in reverence and obedience to our Heavenly Father who freely gave His Son, Jesus to the will of Satan to die a sinners death on the cross, thus providing for each of us salvation from all our inequities, and to make a way for us a means to gecome sanctified and know the truth, and then provide guiding principles, all things have been made possible for us to attain through the mystery of the cross, and the awesome power of God’s anointing. By this means being able to gain the knowledge and the wisdom to apprehend first, then to comprehend with understanding the power afforded each of us when we first accepted Jesus as our Lord, and God then placed within us the mind of His Christ, then His Holy Spirit having all power. Then to help guide us in His ways of righteousness He gave us the authority to use that supremacy over all the power of our enemy, Satan. This becomes possible only by divine revelation and by His Grace toward us.
      This Awesome power of God's anointing, and our comprehending with understanding the true will of God, and His purposeful planned action is priority one. First we must understand that we today are so privileged living under His unilaterally sworn covenant of Grace, and that was not the case for all living souls prior to Christ Jesus suffering the agony of the death on the cross , taking upon himself the sum total of sin’s corruption, and taking it all to hell, Satan's abode, and leaving it all there from where it all emanates, and retrieved which was stolen from Adam, that is having dominion, over all things in, on and above the earth which was given him with the blessing God endowed him with. And then He was raised from death to life after the three days it took Him to defeat Satan, and all his demons, He returned to His kingdom of the living, and has been established as Lord of all for ages to come.
       I pray this sagacious narrative reveals the key to comprehending with understanding the truth concealed within God’s majestically canonized word, and stimulates you to action. The most fundamental foundational obligation that man must accomplish is to first learn all he can about the nature, character, and integrity of God who is our true Spiritual father, this requires us to diligently studying to seek the truth which is available in His printed word, and not relying on the council of man, or religious dogma or doctrine, but seek the council of Jesus and the Holy Spirit where we will receive divine wisdom and truth.
       Second is to find out the same thing about our enemy, Satan and all his demonic angels so that we can recognize him whenever he or his demons endeavors to influence us by his deceitful ploys which he continually attempts to permeates our days’ of mortal life, and which are aimed to try our faith and trust in God, and should we succumb to his trials, destroy us. Since God does not test any man, He does allow us to be exposed to temptation’s, therefore when you are tried don’t panic, or stress yourselves but say to yourself; this is just a test., for God will deliver you through victorisly if youj trust Him.
       The third task is to determine the same qualities within our own nature as we found prevalent in God, and then identify any variances that may exist. Then finally cleanse ourselves by asking for forgiveness, and repent, and it will arouse within us a hunger and deep yearning to seek and find His Kingdom and most important, is a desire to attain knowledge of His anointing power, and His righteousness. Then as it is written and promised, all else will be given us, the joy, peace, rest and contentment which surpass all the limits of natural comprehension.
      His Grace and His anointing work in concert to produce the will of God, and as I write this saga I openly seek, and trust that I will receive from Him His guidance, and sufficiency to make clear His merciful compassionate love filled messages to share with my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.
       I pray that God blesses you.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Why I Write About Issues of Life and Truths



     I had just been widowed the second time and felt that all was lost and life was over, but, a lady destined to be my third wife, named Phyllis, rescued me from the grief I had let encompass me. We were married September 2, 2000. It was the beginning of a precious time in my life as she was a true helpmeet. That same year I was influenced by some indescribable power, the Holy Spirit of God to write a story. It began as a memoir of my life to leave as a heritage for my descendants. I was constantly having my memory refreshed by reliving every event in my life, and I was viewing it all through the lens of scripture. God’s Holy Spirit guided me by revealing truths not before knowledgeable. Proof that the events I experienced are evidence of the validity of the Bible being the uncompromising, inerrant and the absolute true word of God. At the same time the Holy Spirit revealed the existence and ever present force of evil. This spirit of evil is God’s adversary who is dedicated to separate each one of us from one another, and permanently from the love of God.
      I worked diligently with a literary agency to display my unpublished work to publishing houses, but it was of no avail. After six years past, I was widowed again for the third time, and eventually found myself in a retirement and assisted living establishment due to being disabled caused by macular degeneration resulting in sight impairment. Less than one year later I am legally blind and it was impossible to use my computer to finish or make any changes to my work. However, God was not through with me or my stories which by this time were changed to being His messages. Being a World War II veteran I was invited by the department of veteran’s affairs to attend a rehabilitation program for the blind. I received training how to overcome my handicap and was given a new computer with software installed having advanced technology. The software now permits me to hear what I write as I write it and should I misspell a word it alerts me. It also will audibly read whatever is displayed on the monitor if I activate the document reader. With nothing to hinder my submerging myself into His word recorded in His Holy Bible, I had no excuse not prioritizing time to study God’s Word.
      While I gained knowledge that according to His word, is not easily comprehended because of the work of Satan for centuries past. He has since revealed certain truths to me only available through the revelation work of His Holy Spirit. While listening to the wee small voice of the Spirit of God, He expounded on the Excellency of my gaining knowledge of the power in the anointing of Jesus. The key to this knowledge was stolen or lost before the earthly ministry of Jesus by the malicious and devious work of Satan. You might ask how it was stolen. Satan was able to expound on the frailty of man, the same that was found in him when he was God’s covering angel. He was aware of man’s integrity, his dependency on his fleshly knowledge of sensory perception, his egoism, pride, self exaltations) ignorance’s all because of having the same seed of inequity that was found in him when he was God’s covering angel. Add to this world’s religious piety, political culture of legalism, all contributing to take away the key of true knowledge. This condition has not changed to this day but has worsened. I knew that I could not write or say anything that God had not already and thoroughly explained in His Word. I asked myself often, why I am doing this. I can’t add anything to what is already written but the Holy Spirit said “yes, but my children need the Key”. Many have become victims of Satan’s evil spirit and need enlightening and can relate to your stories and be able to apply their Grace given authority to overcome the now powerless adversary. I still questioned my Lord, “why me?” He told me that He chooses whosoever He wills to be His servants, and I heard Him say, “He will perfect that which concerns me and that I should forsake not the works of my own hands”. That finally did it and I stopped asking why me? I guess that I may be one of those, “whosoever’s”. He then reminded me that I should not think too highly of myself, but grow in Grace and in the ‘knowledge’ of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
     I was recently invited to attend the largest gathering of professional literary individuals, and organizations in the USA. It is known as; Book Expo America”, and is held in New York City once annually. This resulted in me understanding the magnitude of the power of the written word to influence millions of co-inhabitants of this world, and could provide me a platform from which to re-lay God’s revealed truths, and with the direct help of God’s Holy Spirit I obey, and from this day forward will put in writing God's messages for you so that you can choose wisely.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I write this letter after much thought in meditation with prayer. I want all to know that this letter will be posted on my blog web site; “Franklin Murdock’s Books & Christian Missions”.
Although this is a personal letter to a friend, I want to share the message it contains with all that view it, and I pray it will stimulate a desire within them to seek for the absolute truth. I will not reveal the name of my friend, but if you should get a copy of it, you will know his name.
Dear Sir,
I thank you for your gracious e-mail message in which you stated that I have been a positive Influence on you. However, since I have had the fortune and pleasure to become acquainted with you, I recognize the magnitude of the responsibilities being senior vice president of human resources for such a large corporation of 647 different senior living communities in the United States that have a total of 47,000 associates and over 65,000 residents, and providing them all loving care by enriching their ebbing life with compassion, respect, excellence and integrity.
Trying to apprehend what you must face every day dealing with the vast variances of physical and mental problems you and your associates do, I am humbled, and greatly influenced. The exceedingly great and wondrous love that I have personally received from God and from your subordinates during the last five years surpasses all natural understanding, and yet I am still apprehending all that God has for me.
You, sir, and your dedicated associates may not be consciously aware that each of you has an opportunity every day to represent God in a very special way. Representing Him as His ambassador fulfilling God’s will of compassionate care for the elderly as their journey through the maze of this world nears their personal omega. I call your attention to a truth. I would like you to know, I did not choose God, He chose me just as He did Abraham a liar, or Moses a murderer, Joseph a lonely prisoner, David, a murderer and adulterer, they did not earn by their own sufficiency their positions, nor did all other saints.
These last five plus years have been a learning experience of spiritual growth, and human carnal nature, including mine, and then letting God form and shape me to be His servant in harmony with the Spiritual world of His Kingdom. I am confident that you too have experienced a like happening, or we could not have the camaraderie we do have.
God, through His anointing power of Jesus, instructed us to seek first His Kingdom, and to be transformed from this world to thatKingdom. This we have done by the renewing of our mind, and when we did, all else was given us. That Kingdom is real, and we witness to its reality. It is within the sufficiency of each born again believer to lay hold of it, for it is not hidden in a strange place, but to all who have received the precious gift of the Holy Spirit. However, being a resident of one of your communities, I have come to understand because of believing and following some religiously established customs and traditions, there is evidence of bigotry among the family of residants. This attitude prevailing in some of the precious people who are now my family, hinder their ability to envision the magnitude of the best which God has in store for them, and is yet to come. It hinders Gods manifestation of His Grace during their carnal living.
The greatest gift that any person can give themselves is to study diligently the word of God to apprehend, and understand divine truth, and the awesome power of His anointing and resurrection of our Jesus to enable Him to guide us to develop a very intimate fellowship with Him where He can reveal all truths that really sets us free from any self imposed, or Satan influenced hindrances. For by studying the Word of God, not just the verses of the Bible, you begin to hear Him talk to you through His Word. (John 8:47)
I am declaring this as an open letter so as to share it with as many that follow my blog or that whomever you, or I choose to share it with.

Sincerely your brother in Christ Jesus, and admiring friend;
Franklin D Murdock