Tuesday, March 22, 2011



This day vow to God you will accept His gift of life, and seek to live in consonance with His will.
A young girl and man stand before an altar in the presence of God, family and friends, and Pledge their love one for the other. These are commonly referred to as “wedding vows”, and they constitute a total commitment. The intended result is to bringing them together becoming “one flesh” in the eyes of God. Their “promise” is to love, honor and cherish one another through the experiences of life including all good or bad report. Even though death someday might separate them, God promises through all life’s series of events including trials and tribulations, He from their side would never part, and by His Grace they should multiply by having children and teach them in the ways of the Lord.
God never intended that married couples were to raise dogs, cats and parakeets only, but to have a family, and to take dominion over all things and situations thus subduing all evil in this earth’s entire domain.
It is very unfortunate that so many do not realize, or take heed in just what they have committed. The word “Commitment” seems to have very little relevance or no value what so ever in today's world events and morals.
God's answer some two thousand years ago was manifest when an unknown innocent unsullied Virgin gave birth to a boy child. She had willingly and passionately relinquished any and all mastery of self by submitting her body and emotions to the will of God, even though she was betrothed to be married, and by the overshadowing power of His Holy Spirit, conceived and birthed the boy JESUS. She married Joseph before birthing Jesus. Joseph so honored Mary and her commitment the scriptures tell us that he never knew her until after the birth of Jesus. Here we learn of the commitment of Joseph to honor his wedding vow. Together they raised this child through infancy, and adolescence to manhood. It was at the time of his bar mitzvah, He, JESUS began seriously to do His Fathers "business”.
It seems so difficult to realize that JESUS (God in the flesh) was born of woman and having all the emotions, feelings and the same “free will” (freedom of choice) as you and I. Remember that the scripture describes when John the Baptist did baptize JESUS in water; the Spirit of God in the form of man was visually seen descending upon Him “like a dove”. God was then heard to say, “this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. Our Heavenly Father incarnated by baptizing himself into the flesh body of Jesus to abide with Him until it pleased the Father that Jesus did take upon himself total sin, (all the corruption of sin) and through His death on the cross take it all into the abode, of Satan, which is hell and there He, dumping it in his lap and then wrestling away from him the keys of death and hell in order that we might gain total redemption from having such a deserved sinful fate.
It is in the 17th chapter of the Gospel penned by the apostle John, we read about the true Lord’s Prayer. JESUS clearly states that He is one in the FATHER and the FATHER is one in Him. Realize that Jesus did nothing by himself, but all that He accomplished, or said was done by the Spirit of the Father, the Holly Spirit within Him.
Remember, Jesus is God encased in human flesh. He at the time of His earthly ministry was as we are today, spirit soul and body with blood flowing through His veins, and being like us, man could relate to him and He would be able to meaningfully relate his message to man. In Matthew chapter 26, verses 32 through 44, JESUS showed feelings of mortal man. Praying and asking His Father not only once, but three times, that if there was any other way to pay the ransom or atone for all worldly sin, and to provide for all humanity a way to receive the gift of eternal life, make it possible. He asked to have the “cup” from which He had committed to drink be taken away if there was any other way. However, after many hours during which He confessed "the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" He said, “Not my will but yours be done”, thus finally committing to fulfill his committed mission. His mission not only to pay ransom for sin, but to regain from Satan the blessing God had spoken into existence through the power of His spoken word to Adam, and that he, Satan had stolen, thus fulfilling the scripture of Revelation chapter 12, verse 10, “Now is come salvation”.
Comprehend if you can the enormity of love, compassion, courage and dedication to willingly allow yourself to be put through all the scourging torture and crucifixion that our Lord Jesus did, or that a Father would stand by and allow to happen to His Beloved. It is most difficult to comprehend, but GOD could not, and will not co-exist with sin, therefore for the moment in time Jesus was alone, but he had not succumbed to the devil’s temptations to influence the son of man to violate his commitment. Jesus died on that cross in order to atone for all worldly sin, past, present, and future, and to restore the broken bond between God and His created man.
Reviewing the sanctity of any vow including the wedding vow, the seriousness of committing to a set of conditions, the wedding vow is more than just legality. It is a binding covenant between Man and Woman and God to fulfill His desire for His created male and female man as they become one flesh. To manifest His total purpose; first a Child was born as a gift from God, and then He, God's only begot Son was given that the saved children of God will have an everlasting inheritance.
The faithful and anointed apostle Peter wrote in his first epistle in chapter one: We should continually bless, and give all praise to our heavenly father, the father of our lord Jesus Christ, for it is by His abundant grace, and great mercy that we have been Spirit born, born again from above by God’s Holy Spirit, because He had raised our Jesus from the dead. It is because of this we can now live with great expectation, a lively hope that we have a priceless inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and will never; I say again it will never fade away. This exceedingly great and wondrous prize is the hope of all Glory, which should be every ones goal with purpose for our earthly life. Yet in Romans chapter 12 verse 1 we learn: to attain joy throughout this live, we are instructed as a reasonable service holy and acceptable unto God, to present our bodies of carnality as a living sacrefice. For by His loving mercies this glorious reward is kept in heaven, pure and without any corruption to be given all God’s children at the end of this age and the beginning of eternity, and when we make it we can declare, we are home at last.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Holy Spirit

In 2 Timothy 3:16 God tells me that all scripture is inspired by Him, and is useful for defining what is truth and to teach, or inform us what is wrong and can be corrected in order to please Him and for us to have a harmonious life style while we are earthbound. I write this with a heavy heart for the multitude of hurting souls, but I am not able by my own sufficiency to change what is amiss in your life, if there is anything that is amiss. I thank God for providing to us the most wonderful gift second only to the personage of Jesus, His Holy Spirit.

Dear family and friends:

I desire most sincerely that our oneness of fellowship
survives at the least until the rapture, and I pray you realize the value and importance of this message, for God by His Spirit called my attention to this matter He has addressed in His word of instructions, and in order for us to gain the quality of life He desires, for us we must learn and apply them continually to master any unstable situation. We don’t have to do it alone; the Spirit of Jesus that was planted in us at the time of our being born again is our strength. I write this for your own edification, and because I am familiar with your seemingly impossible task to overcome the evil in this world.

First know that the Holy Spirit is a person, not a mere or insignificant power or influence in this heavenly realm wherein we exist, and He can be saddened by our behavior. Whenever you, or I, or any of God's people, harbor bitterness in our hearts even for a moment, and then let emotions express careless or malicious words, then we are grieving the Holy Spirit of God, and at the same time developing a stumbling block for the messenger with God’s Grace to help us with our labors to overcome the carnality of this world, and manifest a meaningful relationship with God and our neighbor with whom we must co-inhabit this world until all evil is destroyed and completely annihilated.

Wanting to be your friend, I have witnessed too often the grieving of the Holy Spirit...It behooves us not to grieve the Holy Spirit of God. To ever realize the fullness of joy during our earthly journey, we must learn not to quench the mission purpose of God’s Holy Spirit. Please read the following:
(Acts 7:51; Ephesians 4:30; 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22)
Note: I like the new living bible interpretation.
It is the will of God that we walk in daily dependence upon His Holy Spirit that will lead us through every situation. It is God's desire that every child of His will seek Him for the fullness of the Spirit's work in, and throughout all our life. However, reiterating there are three wrong responses that undermine the will of God in our life, and they are resisting, grieving, and quenching the Spirit of the Lord. Believe it or not because it is too common a habit that becomes manifest in each of our lives, and I write this to you because I know the real you, the hidden man in your heart, and I know the love of God toward you has always been consistently faithful. Yet, often we give the kind of attitude that opposes the work of the Spirit. I do not judge anyone but myself, but I try only to observe behavioral impressions that people, family and friends glean from us, and it is so important a thing in this world today that we not exhibit a sort of calloused stubbornness and a self-willed righteousness that might transform us from what God has ordained for us to become to that which transformed His anointed covering angel into Satan. At the same time the Holy Spirit knows your will is not the will of God. A description of many earthbound souls today is that they are spiritually illiterate and uncircumcised in heart and ears as it has been for centuries. They have not allowed God to cut away the carnality of their inner flesh being, and thus coming in unison with Grace of God and the love of our Lord, Jesus. Unfortunately they do not hear God when He speaks to them through His anointed messengers. They seem to be self-righteous and self-sufficient, and when we conduct ourselves in this same manner, and we do, then we also are resisting the Holy Spirit. The word of God’s instructions says: Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from us, with all malice" (Ephesians 4:31). Yes, the Holy Spirit is a person, not a mere power or influence. He can be saddened by our behavior. When we, God's people, harbor bitterness in our hearts, and careless or malicious words in our mouths, then we "grieve the Holy Spirit of God by heeding more the deceitful influence of Satan than of the word of God. It is difficult for this imperfect man to rightly divide the word of truth so as to apply it fully in his life.

We must realize, times of hardness are inevitable. We need to know that. It's true that we've been redeemed from the curse, and there's nothing Satan can do to reverse that, but he is going to challenge all of us on it. So don't be surprised when things get tough. Times will come when we have to stand strictly by faith, when we will have to speak and act as though what God says is true even when we can't feel it or see it happening around us. There will be times when everything may look terrible. That's when we must endure hardness as good soldiers. So many people hear the word of faith about healing or prosperity and they think, "Hey! I'm going to try that." Then when the hard times come, they give up and cave in. Allow me to warn you, living by faith is not something you try. It's a lifestyle. We do it when it's hard. We must do it when it's easy. We must do it all the time because we are not doing it just to get in on the benefits. We must do it because we know that faith pleases God. (Heb. 11:6). Things may get a little rough at times, but let me assure all of you; we will always come out on top if we endure hardness as a good soldier. If we only refuse to faint and fall away, we will have the victory. The only defeated Christian is the one who quits!