Monday, August 1, 2011

Know Me

One day some time ago I while I was in meditation, I being is the spirit, entered into my Father’s throne room to offer Him and Jesus my prayer of, praise, thanksgiving, and worship. While I was in this state of prayer this is what manifested. Jesus brought to my mind how He selected the twelve men to relinquish all that they had, and to follow Him. I responded by asking Him to accept me, and teach me to be a like follower. Since I had lived a lifetime, and been widowed three times, my primary purpose for living had become a desire to gain the knowledge of God and Jesus, and if that meant to be His servant, so be it. I proclaimed that I was not desirous to be just a mimic of them he had chosen, or a master quarterback of any team, or to be recognized for more than being your servant. I had no desire to gain accolades for self, but to become a learner, a student, and have you teach me in all the ways of our Father, and reveal the amazing truths pertaining to the life of promise. It was then told me that all that I ask will be as I stated. He then informed me that the world system in which I live is corrupt, and He does not expect me to have to battle through all the maze of deception alone, but to trust Him, and He will bring me through to His predicted end.
I am not so old not to realize to follow Him I need to know Him intimately, and to know Him in this way or manner means that I must submerge myself in the word provided by the Holy Spirit, which I did, and I do continually. It is the inerrant, uncompromising word that was made flesh to live among us. It is the scriptures recorded in the Bible. This word is alive, and is Life, it is Jesus. As I make this word the foundation of my abode, He reveals all truths, His nature, the purpose, and will of our Father unto me.
I have responded, and found His Sabbatical Rest with serene peace having the assurance that I have overcome this world being one in Jesus, and I want to share this, that all my friends might be encouraged to first seek His Glorious Kingdom, and find the gift of real life, along with full redemption from the blight of sin we were all recipients of through our inheritance from Adam.