Sunday, September 25, 2011


In truth, you are going to take it with you like it or not, but what is meant by “IT”, that you are taking, it is everything you possess other the material things that you have gained as yours in this world, and in either a selfish way, or in an unselfish sharing way that you laud, and may honestly, but mistakenly feel is in consonance with the will of our Father because of distorted, or limited teaching. It is what you have chosen between Blessings and life, or curses and death. To explain, let us review just what life is, and what death is. Question, how is it possible to define death in a world where there is no death, which is in God’s domain, but everlasting life, or is it possible? Has it happened? What happened to God’s anointed cherub who was His covering angel. It is penned by the profit Ezekiel in chapter 28just how he transformed himself from having life to being lifeless by exalting himself, and thus permanently being separated from God. That did happen, and in all places, it happened in heaven. Therefore existing without life, he becomes the author of all evil, and curses. In Deuteronomy 30:19 Moses penned what God instructed him to write describing the issue before each of us where God proclaimed He set before us individually the alternative between two choices with no compromises. One meant we would establish a oneness with Him and have a life everlasting filled with all the blessings that He has established for His children, or two, we would choose an existence without Him for eternity, and suffer the consequences of all the curses that would befall us. This exemplifies the truth that life without God is death even if we function as a live man, and that life cannot be described as the period of time between womb, and grave, but first knows that God created man in His exact image after His likeness. That means man was, and is today created as a spirit having eternal life, but when Adam disobeyed God and did eat the forbidden fruit he changed the whole scenario, and God majestically formulated and put into action a plan to re-establish that lost companionship, and intimate fellowship with man.
That verse 19 of chapter 30, emprises that we cannot serve two different masters simultaneously, or serve God and mammon (meaning wealth) too. Making this choice, which we must, realize that it does encompass much more than carelessly mouthing agreement to choose with a haphazard manner life, and then continuing to live as if we are the masters of our soul, and disregard having to pay any attention to His commandments, ordinances, precepts, and instructions. A good example of this is Jonah who disobeyed God when he tried to avoid a commandment. The blessings alluded to in that verse 19 not only pertains to our period of time living in this carnal environment of this world, but are ment to be eternal. They are delineated in Deuteronomy 28: verses 1through 14, and are contingent upon our obedience to Him.
The curses that will befall us should we choose not to accept God’s offer, and end up choosing death, or permanent separation from Him are delineated in verses 15 through 68 of that same chapter 28. Diligently seeking truth I must implore you to heed all God’s instructions, and not falsely assume you need not rightly respond to such details.
I earlier stated that this pertains to our mortal life, and it does, but it refers to the omega of that magnificent wondrous will of God for our final inheritance, the best that is coming, the age of eternity with our heavenly father and family. It is our promised inheritance, and is our hope of all Glory.
We are instructed by his word to study to make us acceptable unto God, then to rightly divide the word of truth. In that vein I ask you to privately examine your status as it relates to this issue. Are you alive, or are you among the walking dead?