Sunday, December 27, 2009

My journal part II

It is Christmas time 2009, and I find myself living in a senior living establishment that two years ago I reviewed via the internet and determined it was too rich for my pocketbook.
Why am I here, and what transpired that made it possible for me to be here? Trying to use my carnal reasoning power, I find that it is beyond my ability to comprehend, and understand. It did not just happen, but has been orchestrated by a power becoming more familiar with each Breath I take, and as I pondered on this subject, I heard the voice of God speak to my spirit and heard in my heart many things related to the longevity of life and the business of providing for “senior” living. I observe a number of my fellow residents that suffer with disabling infirmities all needing assistance to enable them to navigate through the mysteries, both physical and spiritual encountered each day.
It is so humbling to see the glorious love of God manifested in our lives, as I observe the compassionate care afforded each resident by the staff of this establishment. They truly fulfill their Moto: “Enhancing the lives of those we serve with compassion, respect, excellence and integrity.”
As much as I would like to lay my hands on them as Jesus would, and see each of them made whole and well, I can only rejoice and praise our Lord Jesus for making all this possible. I realize His love for them is no more or less than He has ever had for each of us. He sacrificially volunteered His mortal life while nailed to a wooden cross. I am a witness, and make myself available as His co-laborer, or worker for accomplishing His will, not mine.
As for me being here, circumstances suddenly changed. The first thing was that my son retired after too many years of laboring to exist in the carnality of this world, and be able to prioritize learning the true purpose, and meaning of life. He and his lovely wife, a God given help meet, (not mate) decided to travel first before settling somewhere and at this time they know not where. The next thing, my granddaughter living in California began looking for a home for me that would provide her and others an ability to visit me more readily.
Because of changes in this world’s economic posture, and its affect on both personal and business policies, what was once impossible now is possible. The rest is history. I can now apply myself more earnestly to enhance my limited knowledge of Jesus, who over the last twenty-eight years has become my first love, and to portray the purpose and will of God to restore the lost key to the knowledge of Him. The knowledge that sets us free and the truth that divinely reveals the power of His will, “My Father’s Wondrous Love”. Experiencing all of this in my waning years, I seek no personal accolades, but seek divine discernment to rightly divide the word of truth as I ask, is this a blessing, or my presumption? I do know one thing, to Him belongs all the Glory.

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