Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Knowledge of God and you.

The Holy Spirit and Starting Out with God

Unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit... You must be born again. John 3:5-7
The new life that allows you and me to develop an intimate relationship with God comes through a spiritual birth that is brought forth by the Holy Spirit. Just as man is physically born into the human family, so must he be spiritually born into God's family. There is no other option except choosing curses and ultimate destruction. That is why Jesus said, "You must be born again." However, this only applies to our eventually entering into His Kingdom, and in no way even hints that God is taking all responsibility for protecting us from the deceitful ploy’s of Satan who although powerless, is continually attempting to influence us to pay him homage. We have a personal responsibility to mature in the knowledge of God and our Lord Christ Jesus that enables us to master sin by activating the gifts of the Spirit which were made freely available for us to use by the mystery of the Cross. Instead of me telling you, I challenge you to seek the truth which is cleverly and majestically concealed within His written word. When you have perceived, comprehended, and understand God’s precepts you will gladly relinquish all, and I do mean all, selfness, (meaning pride, self exaltation, having to figure out and do all things for yourself) to God ant to trust Him, you will attain His peace which surpasses all human understanding.
If you have any questions regarding this subject, or any others, please post your questions or comments and I will post an answer in consonance with His word.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finding the Answer

We are not ready to receive from God anything until we can be happy without it. Trust unwaveringly God for all things. It is not always easy as I can attest. Recently I have experienced personal frustration. Living in a retirement and assisted living facility unable to freely move about outside your limited area requires personal adjustments. My heart tells me one thing and my head tells me another. (The flesh lusts against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh. (Galatians 5:17) Should I move back into familiar surroundings, or stay where I am? I have been in an attitude of continuous prayer and have received His answer; I will go back for one week to visit a brother, some grandchildren and friends. I know that God will guide my steps, but first of all I want to please God. While I was spending time meditating issues related to the situation, and in prayer the following was revealed to me. Within all who have received the new birth from above, that is born again. (Penned in John 3:3) has within himself all seeds of fruit of the spirit. (Galatians 5:22) However, like a photograph taken by a camera, it cannot be viewed until it is developed in a dark room and then printed on photographic paper by being exposed to light. (In my case the light of the Gospel of God) I realize that this is not for me alone, but all who believe. The first thing we must do and I reiterate ‘we must do’ is to spend some quality time in God’s dark room with Him. That is in prayer and meditation and nurtures those seeds with His Holy word. We have to do something and that is to be sure we plant the seed in our hearts and be sure we don’t allow any wild seed of weeds to invade our personal garden. (Carelessly spoken or unclean words) For it is written and is guaranteed that whatever we sew we will reap in this earthly life.
Seek you the truth, it costs you nothing but pays you dividends

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The True Beginning

I was lying on my bed meditating and listening as the Spirit of God was speaking to me. I asked what is sin and what all does the scripture reveal about it that is still not understood and not being taught? I heard the voice within me say, go back to the beginning. So I began thinking of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The voice said no! Go back further, so I thought of the beginning of creation. That is exactly where he wanted me to begin. He wanted me to have a more comprehensive understanding of life and the love He possesses for all His creation. Not only man created in His image after His likeness, but for all His creation for the eventual habitat of man. Also, I was to consider all the heavens both near and extending to the very end of space which He purposed for the harmonious wellness of all His creation. The spirit told me that every air breathing creature was created with a free spirit. He instructed me to meditate on this long enough to visualize the basis of God's compassionate love for all His creation. Man was created with a free spirit and for God to have limited this freedom would have been liken to the breaking the spirit of a wild animal to be a useful serving beast, or what we call domesticated. Adam and his wife he named Eve had it made because the perfect peace and love of God (The fullness of God) was part of their creation and Adam was given a crown of Glory. What happened? Adam and Eve were deceived by an evil force so powerful that it had earlier corrupted not only an angel, but a chief cherub angel that God defines as having the sum total of all beauty and knowledge in God's Heaven. The angel's name is Lucifer who had become corrupt and a devil and slave of serving Satan, and is God's adversary. It becomes necessary to cast that evil spirit and all corrupted angels out of heaven to prevent the spread of evil’s corruption. There had to be a place where evil and the corrupted angels could be contained until God’s final judgment. Our heavens and earth were originally created for that purpose. Satan there in God’s garden was able to present himself to Eve as one of many friendly creatures common in the Garden but one which was more cleverly skillful, and consequently they believed his deception and intentionally disobeyed a commandment of God which resulted in their spiritual death, total separation spiritually from having a fellowship with His Holy Spirit. This was an act of disobedience and is considered sinful but is not the full definition of sin. By this act sin was introduced not only into their personal life and their future descendants, but the entire world become subjected and enslaved to its evil forces. So just what is sin? The letters "S,-I,-and N", when they are written together, spoken or imagined form the word sin, it is a synonym of the sum total of all corruption that currently does, ever has or ever will effectively contaminate all life in, beneath, on and above the earth. I was reminded that it did not take God very long to make known to man just what his personal responsibility was. I was directed to Gen 4:7 where it is recorded that God while talking to Cain informed him to master sin and not let it be his master. That advice was and is applicable to you and me this very day. God revealed to me that in order that we might master sin it is imperative we both apprehend and comprehend ourselves having the spirit and power He put into us as we experienced the new birth. God is everlasting and Heaven is a real place. Heaven is the center where all Spiritual and Physical things that are, or have ever been, or ever will be originate. Things visible, and invisible but measurable, they are evident and all things that are not yet seen nor perceived or understood by human man. There was a beginning before the foundations of our known heavens and earth was formed. There were all the fruits of the spirit in operation. The fruits of the Spirit are not weak; they're strong, for example, Love is so powerful it never fails. Patience is so powerful it cannot be stopped. No matter what the circumstances, it will not quit. Temperance is so powerful it can master all the unruly desires of your flesh. The tongue is so powerful it will determine the destiny of our soul. The Holy Spirit of God manages all Heaven and all the earth including the earth’s heavens. There are no demons in hell that can stop them. The fruits of the Spirit are so strong that if you'll let them flow out of you, they'll correct the problems in your life. They'll keep you steadfast when all the people around you are falling down. They'll keep you on your feet when governments fail and when the storms of life generated by our adversary come. Trust God for all things. We must respond to Him in order that we receive His will during this mortal life, and He is faithful in fulfilling all His promises. As for the real beginning of the recorded ages, all began when the anointed cherub named Lucifer who was assigned to cover the throne of God became defiled and corrupt by a force of evil. God had to have a place to keep that evil spirit and all effected or fallen angels under His control until he prepared for their ultimate and permanent destruction and annihilation. Casting them out of heaven into outer space would not provide adequate containment. As with all maters He designed and engineered a perfect plan where He is able to see all from beginning to end. His plan included the creation of a help meet to facilitate the work needed. He created man to be His help meet, male and female created them in His image and after His likeness. “For we are laborers together with God:” (1 Corinthians 3:9) and 2 Corinthians 6:1 states as we as workers together with God are to earnestly and eagerly receive not the Grace of God vainly. God did not cease His work after the creation declared in Genesis 1, but is still working this day, and will be until the great white throne judgment and all works of the devil are destroyed . No, we are not merely as a lure to keep Satan busy, but as we were created no better than angels, we have a free will and must choose our own destiny when exposed to evil. Jesus, God in human flesh laid his human life down purposely for all mankind when He allowed evil to crucify Him on the cross to assure man a way to overcome this world as He did when the Holy Spirit raised Him victoriously from the grave and provide man the only way to reunite spiritually with God as it was in the beginning of this age. We who are successful will inherit the new world with all things made new to live forever with God and Jesus.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Internet Blogging

I have to ask myself, what am I doing blogging at my age? The truth is, I don’t know. I started to write my memoir’s to leave as a heritage for my descendants. However, as things progressed and as I reviewed events that happened throughout my 88 years of life, I was also being led by a power that I recognized as being the same power that had orchestrated the favorable results of the many stress full events of my life. It was the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised to send that was to guide His followers into all truths. That includes all things pertaining to life, now and hereafter. Listening to that inner speaking voice I was led to writing the messages based on the earthly rudiments I experienced that He wanted revealed to those souls He has described as “simple”, (fence riders) before He closes the door and time is running out. I spent 8 years writing these books and now knowing very little about marketing in order to get these messages out I have agreed to us the world-wide web and blog so that if anyone has a comment, or question, I might be able to help them. I have zero experience with this technology, but I invite anyone that reads this web to provide me with your comments or questions. Should there be any accolades they all belong to our Heavenly Father.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


World based religions including Christian religious traditions by unfounded winds of doctrine can negate God’s will for His Grace empowered, Spirit led purity of life which is His will for man.
Even though we all may have received the Promise of everlasting life when we honestly asked Jesus to be our Lord, and therefore claim the title of being a Christian though we believe in God, many of us have allowed the deceitful evil spirit of Satan to infiltrate our sanctuaries deceiving the hearts of our respected teachers and preachers to teach a diluted and false gospel other than the one and only absolute true gospel given by God. Not only is it ‘watered down’ but is totally false and not scriptural, but is based on man’s religion and rudiments of this world where traditions have made the word of God void and of no effect. (Read Mark 7:13 and Colossians 2:8)
These false teachings include the following:
1. Divine healing is not for this day but was for what they label as the apostolic age only.
2. Praying and speaking in an unknown tongue was only for disciples beginning of the Church age.
3. God puts illnesses on us to test our faith, or to strengthen it.
4. We have to work to earn our salvation as workers for God rather than be co- workers or co- laborers with Him for the accomplishment of His end of days. Our redemption is freely given by His covenant of Grace. (Read 1 Corinthians 3:9, 2 Corinthians 6:1 and Ephesians 2:8)
5. There is more than one way to get into Heaven. No there is no other way. (Read John 14:6)