Thursday, September 9, 2010

origin of Sin & Satan


After some 26 years from experiencing a life changing visitation, and receiving some knowledge of truth, I questioned the Holy Spirit about the origin of sin and the birth of Satan. I reminded him that God wanted me to know all about my adversary. I was more than just a little confused for as it is stated in the gospel penned by Saint John, chapter one, verse three: “All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made”. I have continually been in an attitude of prayer petitioning God and my Lord Jesus to reveal through his word truth concerning my pondering. Recently while I was lying on my bed meditating and thinking of the things happening, I felt a stirring in my spirit. Recognizing that feeling of complete serenity, I knew it was the Holy Spirit of God speaking to me. Since I was pondering on the subject of Satan and sin, and longing for direction to comprehend and understand the truth about my adversary. What is its origin and where and how did it originate, and why did God who had a perfect environment in His heaven create, if He did, the spirit of evil, Satan the devil. Then create this earth and all the galaxies in the second heaven, and fine tune their physical properties so that their interfacing influence on each other would hold them all in harmony, then you cast that evil spirit into that earth where its corrupt influence could reign throughout this whole creation. After this, You have to come to earth yourself in the likeness of a son to overcome this evil while all the time preparing for him, and all man who have chosen curses and death over blessings and life (Deuteronomy 30:19) plus the fallen angels, a place for their final demise. At the beginning of creation of man we know the earth was without form and was void of life. Then God had His Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost move over the face of the earth and separated the waters from land. God then made his garden located west of Eden, therefore the name. It was perfect in all ways and is a picture of what God intends for his created human family, and it will be again after his kingdom has physically been established on earth, that will be accomplished during the millennium rein of Jesus. Remember the Lord’s Prayer, “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done”. It has been declared by Jesus, and will come to pass, and that is an absolute true statement. I now will share what the spirit revealed to me.
I questioned, what all does the scripture reveal about this, and that is still not understood, and not being taught. I heard the voice within me say, go back to the beginning, so I began thinking of the creation of man, Adam and Eve and there placement in the Garden of Eden. The voice said no! Go back further, so I thought of His creation of the heavens and earth. That is exactly where he wanted me to begin, before the foundation of this world and the creation of man. He wanted me to have a more comprehensive understanding of the real beginning. His kingdom existing in the third heaven located beyond our outer space, or outside the realm of all galaxies. It has existed before the creation of the first and second heavens including the earth. It radiates His perfect love. This love will manifest His glory in man culminating in the ultimate utopia through the absolute unity and integrity of His earthly kingdom. It is destined on this earth for eternity in a purged and purified new world. All this manifests after the annihilation of Satan and all evil on this earth.
I asked the spirit that was talking to me, was the evil spirit identified as Satan, the devil, made by God and if so why? I could not comprehend that God could or would purposely create anything so vile. If the evil spirit we know as Satan was not created, is he an alien spirit that was able to infiltrate the dominion of heaven and there corrupt even the cherished anointed cherub of God that was his personal covering angel? His answer to me was no he is not a purposeful creation, nor is he an alien spirit. He was my anointed angel, but since he has become manifest through the iniquity of this angel into a spirit of evil, he has to be dealt with in judgment which is meticulously delineated within the written word. The answer to how did he become manifest is found in Ezekiel chapter 28, and alludes to Satan being the product by the power of the sinful actions and words of the renegade angel identified only as the anointed cherub. Many so called fundamental religions, and evangelist teach that this angel’s name is Lucifer. However my search of all scripture revealed that Lucifer refers to a place, such as Tyre, or Babylon, not an angel. This is the result of man attempting to interpret God’s word without the help of His Holy Spirit, and was wrongly adopted by religious men in the 3rd century AD. It is written in 2 Peter chapter1 verse 20 that no prophesy of scripture is for private interpretation. This fallen angel’s belligerent arrogance, and his self imposed unrighteousness was the source from which Satan and sin were born. God depicted him in Ezekiel 28 verses 12 through 14 as the king of Tyre, and gave him no other name. In remembrance: It is written; as a man (or angel) thinks in his heart, so is he. Therefore Satan is a separate and unique creation manifested by the transformation of God’s once anointed cherub. He once represented the epitome of wisdom and beauty in God’s Kingdom in heaven and was anointed to serve the throne of God but by his arrogance, pride and self exaltation was transformed by the power of his spoken word and his self applied iniquity into absolute evil.
The spirit then told me that man and angels were created with the same free spirit. He instructed me to meditate on this en order that I could comprehend and understand the basis of the origin of evil. It is important to realize man and angels are created with a free spirit with free choice, but angels are created having eternal life, while man is created a little lower being mortal not immortal. And for God to have limited this freedom would have been liken to the habit of man breaking the spirit of a wild animal to be a useful serving beast, or what we call domesticated, and therefore no longer free. However, he informed me that this freedom has a built-in frailty; this requires implicit dedication and self control to overcome its vulnerability to temptations with all its consequences, unless totally mastered from within.
No, God did not make a mistake when He created and anointed his cherished cherub. All men, both male and female, we are vulnerable to the same fallacy. In God’s earthly kingdom there is to be no division like that which came to pass in God’s Holy habitat when His covering angel become alienated with the virtue of love that bonds heaven into the secret place of the most high God, with an oneness of spirit having love for one another. Herein is the mystery of life: As I have stated, the Kingdom of God is within us and we must cultivate this love to maturity. Likewise so is the kingdom of this world within each of us. By our individual choices it becomes possible for us to birth in our lives a personal Satan that will dominate our life through sin which will hinder or block our ability to receive all blessings from our Heavenly Father resulting in our destruction. This can never happen if you confess Jesus as Lord of your life, and relinquish all selfness to Him and put your trust in God, but as long as Satan is active in this world he will not tire attempting to lure you into sin.
Adam and his wife he named Eve had it made because the perfect peace and love of
God was part of their inheritance and Adam was given a crown of Glory, and placed in God’s garden to maintain and dress it. In the garden were two trees, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the tree of life. Adam was instructed by God, not to partake of the fruit from the tree of knowledge, but not prohibited from eating the fruit from the tree of life.
What happened? Adam and Eve were deceived by the evil spirit birthed in my renegade angel and they were deceived and partook of that forbidden fruit. Before the inequity was found in him this angel had the authority of strolling among the precious stones in my Garden of Eden. He is now my adversary and therefore mans adversary also. The origin of sin and the birth of Satan originated in the kingdom of heaven by the actions and spoken word from that same renegade angel. The Holy Spirit then reminded me again, it is most important to realize that as this happened to an angel, it can also happen to man. We see this every day as people are subject to all the maladies suffered, none of which are the result of direct action of God. We have all believed the deceitful lies of Satan that these maladies are intended to strengthen our faith in God. You only have to study the life of Jesus during His earthly ministry to realize He doing the will of the Father denied no one from healing. Yes, it is possible that by our belief and spoken word we can bind ourselves in bondage to the master of all deceit, Satan. Remember God’s word of instruction in Gen. 4:7, that Satan wants you to destroy you to offend me, but you should learn to master him.
At this point in my story I think it is important to express the truth concerning the power we have in our tongue. In Mathew 12:34 through37 declares whatever thoughts are in our heart, we will speak, and for every word spoken, even idle words, we must give an account on judgment day. For by the words we speak we will either be justified or condemned. Likewise in Proverbs 18:21 we are informed that we have the power of death or life in our tongue. Relevant with this is Romans 12:2 which tells us that being evil we are conforming to this world, and to be transformed into the spiritual realm of God’s world we must renew our mind, for this way we can overcome the spirit of evil . This evil must be purged from all my creation and after the Angel Michael fought a war with Satan and his subordinate angels they all were cast out of heaven and into the earth until final judgment can be rendered. In Revelation 12:12 the word informs us that at the time of Satan’s expulsion from the Kingdom of Heaven there were inhabitants of the earth, and God’s words warn all inhabitants of the earth with these words, “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and sea! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has but a short time”. God said “woe” unto man meaning an exclamation of grief, and putting more emphases on the need to master evil.
At the same time in the previous verse 10 there was a rejoicing in Heaven for, “now is come salvation, and strength, and the Kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ”. This predicts that the best is to come. (Note: this gives credence to a scientific document I had the privilege of hearing that alleged God created the heavens and earth for a reason
First to provide an environment where Satan and all fallen angels could be incarcerated until final judgment could be rendered. These principalities and powers of evil are the spiritual enemies of God and man with which we are in our minds continually at war, and shall by the renewing of our minds master, but recognize they are angelic, and therefore very enduring.
Secondly, to provide a permanent home, or castle not made with hands for his beloved children, in his kingdom on earth after they are sanctified.
I continued to receive divine knowledge as the spirit continued. Adam’s failure to keep my commandment was an act of disobedience and is considered sinful but is not the full definition of sin. By this act sin was introduced not only into their personal life and all their future descendants, but because Adam had been given complete dominion over this creation, the entire world become subjected and enslaved to its evil forces. So just what is sin? It is the sum total of all the corruption, pestilence and afflictions with all their grief and pain, mans greed and selfishness that currently does, ever has or ever will effectively contaminate all life in, beneath, on and above the earth until it is finally judged and permanently purged from earth, and from accepted and reborn man, and all heavenly places.
I was reminded that it had not taken God very long after Adam’s disobedience to make known just what man’s personal responsibility was. Being first reminded that God had expelled from His heavenly kingdom the evil devil, Satan, and I was reminded in order for man to be accepted (sanctified) he must rule, or master sin and not let him be his master. That advice is applicable to you and me this very day. In answer to my question, how, God then revealed to me that in order that we might master sin it is imperative we apprehend and comprehend ourselves having the spirit and power of His Holy Spirit He put into us as we experienced the new birth and then most importantly, the renewing of our mind, and being able to effectively use every spiritual tool that He has provided. Knowing that we on our own do not have the efficiency to overcome the adversary, He declared that He would never forsake us nor leave us alone and unprotected with this battle, and by experiences I know He is faithful to keep His promises. His word is our mighty weapon, and I cannot over emphasize the words, ‘mighty weapon’, that are for the overthrowing, and the destruction of spiritual strongholds that impede us. (2 Corinthians 10:3-6) Although our adversary is invisible, we have the authority using the words of God, as Jesus did when tempted by Satan for 40 days and nights to defeat our enemy. God then brought to my attention He has informed us in His word that we must not be lackadaisical and think that because we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and have received the filling of the Holy Spirit that we have a free pass or have it made and have nothing more to do to master Sin. In Deuteronomy 7:11-12, God states that we shall keep and do His instructions, live in accordance with is law, and honor all his precepts that He has commanded of us in order to receive the light of His countenance upon us, and gain favor with Him and master Sin.
As a personal footnote, although this is in the Torah of the Old Testament, we who have been born again and received our new spirit, and thereby made a new creature in Christ Jesus, were then we were grafted into his family and therefore all scriptures apply equally to all of us, whether Jew or Gentile. It is a truth that in the Old Testament the New Testament is concealed, and in the New Testament the Old Testament is revealed. The whole Bible is one integrated message and we cannot comprehend and understand our Father’s instructions and His precepts without thoroughly studying both.
As I pondered on all that God was revealing to me, He reminded me I am tri-part, Flesh, Soul and Spirit and because of sin being dominate in this world since Adam succumbed to it, and Satan was cast out of heaven we all are born having a sinful nature in our flesh body which will continually lusts against the spirit He planted in us and this is why we have inherent within us a relationship whit Satan, at the same time we are not to have a fellowship with Sin. For this reason God recognizes we have at times difficulty discerning His will in our lives, but the spirit He put in us is greater than the spirit of all darkness. He then speaking to my spirit informed me that I need be diligent and study that I can affirmatively and rightly separate truth from untruth which is widely prevalent through all the media today, and thus be approved unto God. (2 Timothy 2:15) and at all times be aware of the ever present Satan, he is real. He wants every created man, but we must learn to rule and master him. No! This does not negate the covenant of Grace, we are saved by the atoning blood of Jesus, but in order that we be raised up and sanctified, it is important this too shall be accomplished. Satan and this inequity are alien to God’s kingdoms and will be judged; you are my beloved and are destined to inherit all that is mine says the Lord.

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