Friday, April 22, 2011


You say that everything about you is so forcibly wrong, and that you are tired of living, or trying to live in this world. You tell me of two incidences have impacted your life. They are two women living in the same facility where you are staying took their own lives by committing suicide on two different days within the past week. You give me the impression that you also feel like escaping from the evil of this world in the same manner. It’s exactly what the evil powers in these last days are frantically trying to accomplish, that is to snare as many souls as they can, for they realize their time is now up. You see what I am speaking about when you meditate for a moment; I want you to concentrate about the two special trees in God’s Garden of Eden. The two trees were the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Man was warned not to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge, for if he should, he would certainly die.
My dear friend know you not that in each of our lives’ we all have the same two trees, and we all have to choose the fruit of which tree will we take. We witness every day by the events experienced, those that are eating the fruit of the wrong tree, even ourselves whenever we stumble, and then attempt to take control of the reins of our life, we will partake of life in ignorance not having the true knowledge of life, and not relinquishing our selfness, and trusting our Lord God to guide and provide. However, because of the great goodness of God toward man by His Grace made with us a new covenant signed in the blood of Jesus with forgiveness. Before you or anyone can find the peace and rest in God, it is necessary they first comprehend with understanding the true knowledge of God and Jesus. God has made it so clear to the entire world, that all that desire acceptance unto Him, first we must gain that true knowledge. In Hosea 4:6, He informs us that all those that don’t will be destroyed. Yet for you, my dear friend, I deplore you not to give up, or give in to temptations this world offers, or be distracted from Jesus as was Peter when walking on water, for the reward is we become overcomers in Christ Jesus, and the joy we experience each day is so great I can’t find words to describe it.
Remember, eat the forbidden fruit and die, or seek the fruit from the tree of life which is gaining true knowledge of our Lord God and live.

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