Saturday, July 9, 2011


Before reading this posting read 2Thessalonians 2:7 thru12


It was only about 100 years ago that we would occasionally hear, “EXTRA! EXTRA! REAS ALL LABOUT IT”, as the News paper street vendors would call out as breaking news became available. There was no other way as television had not been invented, and radio was very limited to wireless telegraphy, transistors, microcircuit, computers, and satellites or the internet were beyond comprehension. There were no telephones for they were not yet widely available for domestic service, for telephone service was in its infancy. Just think, there was no radio, no TV, no telephone service and probably most incomprehensible, no cell phones. The only means information was distributed was by word of mouth, or by letter, or news papers.
Seriously I believe that we have already entered into the period described as the last of days, or end of this world which will mark the return of our Lord Jesus to set-up His everlasting kingdom on this planet earth. We should be aware of every troubling, and seemingly innocent changes as they are occurring concerning our survival, for it is predicted that perilous times will begin occurring at a increasing rate during this period of time.
So be alert and prepared for these changes. The vanity of this world’s apparent technical advancement that have been gained in communications, education concerning celestial and terrestrial knowledge has resulted in the vanity of human behavior fed byIgnorance of knowledge of the nature, and character of God, and the soundless news media. There news broadcasts are mostly commentators view tempered with their own opinions without foundation resulting in their listeners believing in something that is contrary to reality, sometimes having a deep deceptive motive. This is evident in the dishonorable behavior of the political arena where selfish erroneous claims are depicted every day. In addition to this there has been an increasing satanic influence that has infiltrated not only governments with anti believers wanting to abolish our countries constitution, and Christian founded religious dogmas, and right from the church sanctuary many accursed ministers are teaching false doctrine that compromises the true word of the gospel of our Lord Jesus. In 1945 four leading nations of theis world founded the, United Nations to provide a platform upon which international court of justice with the participation of other member nations would be able to maintain total peace and harmony among all nations and territories on the face of the world, and thus eliminate forever any discord among nations. The fundamental purpose was admirable, but today its actions are anything but for the rogue nations have apparently taken control.
This all works to condition, or program our minds to be submissive to the deceptive lie, of a power seeking political figure that will sometime in the not so distant future be indentified and will trigger a period of great misery and distress over all the world as God finally executes judgment upon all mankind who have refused to obey His commandments, His ordinances , to apply His precepts, and refuse His Grace as did the people of Noah’s time when He will again pour out on all the world His final wrath predicted known as the tribulation.
Yet before the predicted time of the occurrence of the beginning of this agony, there will happen a super natural manifestation of the pouring out for all living souls God’s final act of His Grace. His making available for all to receive His Holy Spirit by calling on the name of Jesus to save them, and by doing so, will be spared from having to endure the terrible wrath of God, and the period of tribulation, for the integrity of Jesus is faithful to His word to come and receive all that have called His name for salvation, and believing in your hart for Him to do what He has proclaimed, and do not doubt, He will do everything that He has promised He would do.
The issue before you this day is, ‘when’ , and is it too late? The answer is no, it is not too late, but you do not have the luxury of time as I did. All the signs Jesus predicted to precede the initiation of this momentous change have occurred except the rapture, and the exposure of the anti Christ, therefore the beginning of the end can begin at any time that He chooses. With that said, take heed and prepare yourself to meet your God, Jesus face to face in the not too distant future.

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