Friday, July 22, 2011



Can you imagine living comfortably, being married, having parents, siblings and friends, and seemingly getting along in this world just fine. Maybe that describes you today although you may be struggling to make ends meet while coping with everyday issues, and just imagine quite suddenly the Spirit of our God pays you a visit. He makes himself known and then proceeds to tell you must make a drastic change in your life, and living habits: Remove yourself from the very country you call home, and from all family members including your father’s house, and go into territory of this earth that I will lead you to, and show it unto you. This happened to a you man about 350 years after the flood in Noah’s time, and his name was Abram, later changed to Abraham. He obeyed God, and we have the relationship with our Lord today because he believed and trusted God. This depicts a challenge which is before all of us this day, and we all individually must choose to obey or deny God’s instructions to be able to overcome Satan’s evil influence in our mortal life.
The following is from a daily devotion I receive from the Kenneth Copeland ministries which I recognize as applicable to this profound message:
Have you ever been afraid to give yourself totally to the Lord because you think you might be deprived of some pleasure in this life? Chances are, you have. That's because Satan is working overtime to convince you that he can really make your life worth living. But don't believe him for a minute. The real truth is, yielding completely to the Lord won't cost you anything that's worth having. It will only cause you to live life to its fullest! Jesus' life on earth was a perfect example of a totally yielded life. He was a walking example of the benefits godly living brings. Everywhere He went, Jesus made the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the lame to walk, fulfilling the will of our Father toward His created man. He lived in perfect peace and absolute victory. This all sounds pretty good to me. All He missed out on was the devil getting dominion over Him to kill, steal and destroy. In fact, the devil couldn't do anything to Him until, by the Father's will, He laid down His life. Until that time Jesus walked in total victory over the enemy. Do you think you would miss out on a lot if you lived that way? Of course not! You can walk in that same anointing and power and glory of God that Jesus did. Do you have to give up your whole life to do it? Yes! You have to trade your carnality of life for the life of God. You have to trade your sickness for His healing, your poverty for His prosperity, your anxiety for His peace, your sin for His righteousness. So why hesitate? When it gets right down to it, you really have nothing to lose except the miseries of mortal life.

Choose to move today.

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