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The quality of, or the state of being complete; being unbroken condition; Wholeness; entirety. Being unimpaired,  being Perfect condition; Soundness; Being of sound moral principle; U0rightness, honest, sincerity. 



 Completeness; prosperity; Innocence; Full; Perfect; Simplicity; Up righteousness ; complete truths and honesty.


This word, “Integrity”, appears only fifteen times in five of the old testament books, Genesis, 1Kings, Job, psalms, and proverbs, and there is no doubt of the immense impact that this one word has on our present living daily events, but it also is the most  major contributor on our future. Without developing, and fine tuning our God given gifts that allow us to adopt His nature, His likenesses, we are lost, and may not inherit the kingdom of His son which is to come without  receiving His Grace, and responding accordingly.           

What must we do to become acceptable to God, and gain all His promised benefits? Believe His word, and in the person, Jesus, and by calling on His name Jesus, we will be saved. Yet to know that we have that security, and experience the wondrous joy of receiving His Grace we must first establish our integrity of heart, soul, and spirit, and that it is in consonance   with the overall plan of God, and we must apprehend and comprehend truths, it is written, God created us in His exact image, and after His likeness, remember this, ‘after His likeness’,  for it is the key that will unlock many of the mysteries that shrouds the truths that God wants you to comprehend with understanding. The word of God informs us that God is spirit; therefor we are a spirit which is contained, or housed, in these mortal clay bodies, and when we receive our new birth, our bodies become the temple of His Holy Ghost, and we are no longer ourselves, (having an attitude of I am my own boss, or God helps those that help themselves.) From that exact point of time in our lives, we have the responsibility to conceive this, and to take care for that precious body’s care. Secondly, He has endowed in this spirit man all the integral parts both substance, and spiritual that when amalgamated into the perfect unity of becoming sanctified, and cultivating the oneness with each other, and with our triune God, we become an integral component of the perfect completeness of God’s plan of reconciliation with His created man, and enhances our integrity.   This exhibit’s  by the virtues of our heavenly father “His likeness”, and it shall   strengthen us to overcome this world of carnality with its ignorance, and evil so that we may continually emulate those “like virtue’s” that God placed before us to choose to follow.

            Writers note: My observation during scripture study. Often the words “shall,” and the word,  “will,” depicts a very different work requirement. One alludes that God will either do it, or it has been done while the other requires specific action from mortal man before the desired goal, or result can be manifest. Warning, do not adopt an attitude that you have no responsibility, for that is exactly what God’s adversary wants you to believe.


You and I have been given a royal office such as was given. God’s chosen elite saints, such as Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and David, But it's not until we believe, and perceive it that we can exercise the power or authority that goes with that office.

            Be not fearful, or ashamed, venture out in this carnal world   believing, and trusting  in the guidance of the Holy Ghost to guide you in all righteousness’, and your actually knowing by dwelling and meditating on the Word of God. Reading it and meditating on it day, and night. See yourself through the lens of the Word until the reality of your royalty in Christ Jesus becomes an everyday reality in you, and by faith confidently and fearlessly step forward to accomplish your assigned purpose in life, for we all have one. We become winners only when we have received graciously given personal gifts, and prioritized them in our daily living habits for they are always accompanied with adequate sufficiency to accomplish the desired end,   that when prioritized, and followed manifests integrity in our hearts, and deeds.
It is written that by our accepting His gift of His Holy Ghost we are reborn from above,(born again), and we become changed, and are no longer  our own, but have been bought for a price which is thoroughly been made clear in God’s written inerrant, and uncompromising   word, and we now have a master to whom we answer, and eagerly serve.

            In conclusion, God has make it clear that in His forth coming kingdom there will be no discord, guaranteeing a secure integrity with overall program of His reconciliation plan, and that the integrity we bring into His kingdom reflects directly on the integrity of Him, and therefore must be a perfect sum total complete package defining the alpha to omega of the purpose of all life.

            I beseech all of you to consider carefully your personal relationship with our triune God, and prepare yourselves for the predicted end of days that we are now close to witnessing.

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