Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Just nine generations after Adam God had in mind to destroy all forms of life on, in, and above the earth for He repented that He had ever made man. However, the word of God tells us that Noah found grace in the Lord, and God put into action His plan for total reconciliation of His created man and Himself, but first the earth must be cleansed, and He would do this by creating a devastating flood. Noah with his family, three sons and their wives were the only humans saved.

            Ten generations later God visited Abram, later renamed Abraham, and told him to leave the house of his father, and go where God directed. God then blessed him, promising to bless those that would bless him and make of him the father of a great nation, and that he would be a blessing.

            Abraham fathered two sons, one named Esau, who , along with Ishmael his illegitimate half-brother become the father of all Arabic countries, the other named Jacob, later renamed Israel by an angel of God who fathered twelve sons by four women, two wives, and their hand maids at his wives request. These twelve sons constitute the twelve tribes of Israel.

            Among the twelve tribes God chose one to be His chosen people. That was the tribe of Judah from which came Jesus who was anointed by God to be the Messiah, the savior of all mankind from their sins of inequity prevailing throughout the entire world, and called the lamb of God. After a relatively short ministry assisting God in the performance of many miracles, He voluntarily let His blood be shed, and be crucified on the cross of Calvary in obedience to the will of His father, transformed into the likeness of all sin, past, present, and future, and take them all to the depths of hell where Satan, and his demonic angels reside, and dump them all in the lap of Satan, and then wrestled them, taking away from them that which they had stolen from Adam. It took all of three days, and then was reserected   back into the land of the living where he gave to all His disciples’ spiritual authority over all the works of our adversary.

            I now confess by me taking this spiritual authority seriously, and applying it to my every day devotional, I have found purpose for wanting to live, and to share this wonderful truth with all that I come in contact with, or that I might influence through my writing. Being constantly aware that by myself I cannot bless anyone, but knowing God, and His awesome power of annointing, will your every hunger feed. He will abide within you, and walk beside you, guiding your every step into the path of His righteousness’. All that you do, or say, is done through His spirit within you. He is your health, you cannot be sick, He is your strength unfailing, He is your all, and you should have no fear, for I know that He with His love and truth is near.

            All of this because of that spiritual authority He provides us all, and I pray: That all my brothers and sisters that are one in our Christ Jesus will:

Recognize an intimate cognation of your spiritual authority made possible by the mystery of the cross, and change your life values today.


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