Tuesday, September 24, 2013




It is written that haste makes for trouble, stress, anger, worry, and failure. Waite upon the Lord and you shall inherit the earth. This means that after all is done, and God’s plan of reconciliation has finally come to its omega, all the joy of a true life has become manifest and you are acceptable unto God to enter the glorious age of eternity.

Yet before that day God’s inerrant word forewarns us of the continuers devious temptations of Satan. We shall overcome all his evil work before Jesus will return to gather the kingdoms of all nations to attack those, the scorners, fools, and all unrighteous who have denied His directions, concepts, His precepts, and laws attempting to satisfy self with the carnality of this world. As it is written: At this time He will pour out all His indignation with His fierce anger: for all the earth will be devoured with the fire of His jealousy.

So what does this mean to you and me? It does not matter what religious denomination you might be a follower of, such as a Christian Scientist, Jehovah Witness, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Adventist, for none of these will exist after our Lord Jesus has set-up His kingdom on this earth. Jesus, God, or His Holy Ghost, singular, or collectively is not a religion, but are the graciously provided stones upon which we can build our foundation of a fruitful, and joyous life. Without this foundation, having a true life does not exist.

I now write with personal experience, being almost 93 years of age with 32years of retirement living, my patience seems as if it is becoming shorter with every passing year, which is a characteristic of succumbing to the influence of Satan, which prevails in our battle for life . Now being handicapped I am dependent on dedicated care givers for needed assistance to navigate through this maze of trying issues that elders face every day. Yet my attention is influenced by the Holy Spirit: remember to wait upon the Lord, for as God’s breathed word written by His prophet Isaiah states: “Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, run and not tire. Walk and not faint.” Although as this may seem impractical to this carnal world, so did a virgin becoming pregnant, bearing a child, and retaining her virginity, giving birth to a child at the age of 90, going on a mission for God at the age of 80 as did Moses. I am a witness for today I know that with God, nothing is impossible. For example; God has had His Holy spirit reveal some of the secrets that He has saved until this day shrouded in mystery, and since we are now the generation that will experience the end of days, the end of this age, He has chosen me to announce it to this world populous that their redemption has arrived. God is graciously keeping the door open for a very short time, for He desires that not one of His created man perish for lack of knowledge.

For more detail, I by the direction of God’s Holy Spirit have written a document which will be printed in book form titled: “THE BEST IS YET TO COME”, and will be published later this year, and I implore you to obtain a copy. It is a story designed to provide to those who seek the truth answer any questions concerning the purpose of life, be assured Jesus is the Lord of all. Trust Him implicitly for all things, and be prepared to enjoy perfect harmony in eternity everlasting.

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