Monday, August 24, 2009

God Why These Stories and Why Me?

God has revealed to me truths only available through the work of His Holy Spirit. He expounded on the gain available through our attaining the Excellency of the knowledge of Him and of Christ Jesus. This key to divine knowledge was stolen or lost before the earthly ministry of Jesus by the malicious and devious work of Satan. He used the frailty of man’s integrity, his dependency
on his fleshly knowledge of sensory perception, his egoism, pride, (self exaltations) ignorance and this world’s political culture of legalism to take away the key. (Luke 11:52) This condition has not changed to this day but has worsened. I knew that I could not write or say anything that God had not already and thoroughly explained in His Word. I asked myself often, why I am writing these stories of life. I can’t add anything to what is already written in His word but the Holy Spirit said “yes, but my children need the Key”. Many have become victims of Satan’s evil spirits and need enlightening and can relate to your stories and be able to apply their authority made possible by the cross to overcome the now powerless adversary. I still questioned my Lord, “why me?” He told me that He chooses whomsoever He wills to be His servants and directed me to Psalms 138:8 where I heard Him say, “He will perfect that which concerns me and forsake not the works of my own hands”. That finally did it and I stopped asking why me, I guess that I may be one of those whomsoever’s. He then directed me to the 3rd verse in Romans chapter 12 that reminded me that I should not think too highly of myself, but grow in Grace and in the ‘knowledge’ of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 3:18)

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