Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spiritual assignment and responsibility

Dear Great Grand Children Robert and Cammi.
You have experienced one of the greatest gifts that God bestowed on man. You have just given birth and life to my beautiful great-great-granddaughter, number six in my direct line and I believe number 14 counting step children. Now I want to tell you a story:
In the beginning God created a man we know as Adam. He then created all other creatures that inhabit this earth, male and female created He them. They do mate in order to multiply their own kind, but man had no one. So He then created for him a female man, a help meet. (Not a helpmate). (The word ‘meet’ is from the prime root Hebrew word ‘Azar’ meaning surround, protect or to aid, succor meaning to give assistance in time of need or distress.) Adam named his help meet Eve; they were of one spirit in unity with each other. He failed to protect her when Satan’s snake of sin tempted her and she succumbed to his deceitful ploy while all the time he was witnessing the action. He also later failed his son Cain by not teaching him instructions in the ways of God. I speak with experience for I am guilty too because of ignorance and lacking any true relationship with God and Jesus I made a similar error. This was before I was led by His Spirit to know Him. It is evidence of the negative influence of Satan’s thoughts where there is a lack of knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.(Read Philippians 3:8) However, it is written by His Grace there is redemption and forgiveness without condemnation. If it were not for Jesus laying His life down at the cross in order that we might become knowledgeable of truth and receive His gift of life, that beautiful child would not be here today. This day you, my great-grandson have a dual responsibility, one to guide and protect your help meet in this evil and perplexed world, but two, raise your child, and any others that may follow in the knowledge and ways of our Lord.
Love; your Great grandpa Murdock.

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