Sunday, August 30, 2009

By God's Love and Grace we are winners.

It is written: There are four kinds of peoples on the earth. Three are losers and only one is a winner. They are: #1 loser -a scorner, one who rebukes instructions and denies God, #2 loser - a fool who knows it all, a humanist that thinks he is master of it all, #3 loser - a simple (naive person), who is easily swayed to believe folly and, #4 a winner- Is a wise man who diligently seeks the divine wisdom and knowledge of God and our Lord and savior Jesus and then applies it to daily living. One who relinquishes all selfness and trusts in God.
(Read and study Proverbs chapters 1 through 9)
Again I speak from experience: When you seek for the truth, the Kingdom of our Lord, you will find it but you will experience tribulations, traps set before you by our adversary the fouler and you shall experience persecution as Jesus has. But the Joy you receive far exceeds all.

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