Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The other day while talking with my son the subject of truths written in God’s Holy Word, the Bible becomes the subject of conversation without contention. Are the words to be taken literally or are they idiomatic. God so majestically designed the structuring and computation of each word and phrase to communicate with faithful born-again believer’s divine truths that assure their growth and maturing in the knowledge of His character and nature along with the development of their faith and trust in Him
During my learning of the Knowledge of God and Jesus, which is a continuous process, I come to acknowledge there are three things impossible for God to do, It is impossible for Him to lie, is impossible for Him to learn anything new for He is omniscient, and it is impossible for Him to make any individual to love Him for He has given to all the ability of free choice and will not rescind His word. His living and written word (the Bible) is an integrated message written to teach and lead His children to understand and apply His righteousness to daily living. I have to study each word and phrase to apprehend and then comprehend in order to gain understanding His loving message to me.
Recorded in Genesis chapter 22 is the account of God tempting, (KJV version) or tested, (Amplified version) Abraham by asking him to offer Isaac his son of promise as a burnt offering to Him. When Abraham had gone as far as he did to comply with the request of God before being stopped by an angel of God from harming the lad, God is reported as saying to Abraham “For now I know you fear and reverence God.” If God is truly omniscient, He knew the outcome before the task began, and this action was for the benefit of Abraham. Earlier by relying on his own sufficiency, he had attempted to help God by fathering the child Ishmael with his wife’s hand maid Hagar, and in so doing failed God. God’s purpose for this ‘test’, or ‘tempting’ action was not only to seal forever Abraham’s faith and trust in God, but is as much the same for you and me today. For it is God’s living word written, He is the author and finisher of our faith. This message to us is a strong witness for the requirement that except we all convert from this world’s rudimental theory of self responsibility for the accomplishment of God’s perfect plan; we shall not enter the Kingdom of God. (Mathew 18:2-3) There is an ungodly, self-sufficient exaltation that leads to defeat and dishonor. Jesus was the ultimate example of humility. Here, we see that He is also the ultimate example of godly exaltation. Jesus humbly surrendered Himself to the will of the Father, which our salvation might be secured through His atoning death. We must not think too highly of ourselves but relinquish all selfness, pride, egoism, arrogance and selfishness to God and trust Him for all needs. We must not believe, or proclaim that because we are human, we are unable to accomplish this for so doing we make the word of God of no effect. I offer the following prayer:
Lord Jesus, What an astounding joy to know that in the near future I will join you in the exaltation serving You eternally. Lord, I humble myself before you anew. Use me your faithful servant now to make known the Excellency of knowledge concerning our Heavenly Father and you while I await the glorious privilege that is before me, Amen.

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