Saturday, October 24, 2009


Jesus, (John 10:14-16, and John 14:6)
Object of Faith: The Cross (Romans 6:3-5)
Power Source Gods Holy Spirit (Romans 8:2, 11)
Results: Victory (Ephesians 2:8, and Romans 6:14)
Please take notice, salvation is a free gift from our Father, but requires from us faith, trusting him. This before it is activated and we have dominion over sin. Then, and only then, Sin Shall Not Have Dominion Over us.

God has made known that He wants now to unveil to all believers and non-believers a mystery which has been concealed from man since the beginning of time. It is truly a mystery and is something that can only be known by the revelation work of God. The mysteries of the scriptures cannot be discovered or comprehended by intellectual learning or personal experience, God Himself must make them known through the Grace-empowered, Spirit led proclamation of His concealed message within His written Word. The great mystery God wants to unfold is "Christ in you, the hope of glory." It is not an eternal home in Heaven, but a Heavenly home in a new world wherein which is spiritually founded, not carnally founded as this world is. It is this earth made new after the great white throne judgment to become our permanent home everlasting. Yet as we mature in the knowledge and wisdom of God in preparation for this glorious transformation we should have inquisitive wonderment and questions. For instance, why did God reveal the book and story of Job, and who are the sons of God? Ancient writings refer to them as fallen Angels, but could they include all angels. The story of Job portrays the horror and affect of sin when unaltered even though Job believed and feared God. I question how this might concern us today. Because Job had matured spiritually, believing and trusting in God even though his wife and friends abandoned God he was an overcome the evil of sin. Today, in this perplexed and evil world while all society and even most Christian churches and religious followers are adopting a philosophy of apostasy and a fear of physical terrorism they become unaware of a silent and more sinister attack from Satan. An act that is aimed at dividing be leaving people intellectually into alienation with Him, and the absolute truth, His Word, Jesus. Be not deceived, the Gospel is unchangeable and though we live in the 21st century, it will not and cannot be “modernized”. Remember If you have united yourself to God by receiving Jesus as Lord, and relinquishing selfness, everywhere you go....God goes with you!

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