Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Tragic Story

When God created life he gave to man complete dominion over all the food chain including all the fish of the sea.(Genesis 1:28) Fish has always been primary source of food from the very beginning of the age of man. When, Where and How did man go wrong and allow Satan’s evil action to contaminate this vital life supporting product e by invading it’s eatable flesh with a toxic poison. It has happened, but so far is limited but devastating .One such case is ciguatera which is a toxic poisoning which modern medical science has no cure and effects at least eight species of popular seafood that inhabit tropical waters. This popular seafood prepared in any restaurant could be dangerous to your health. I have a precious granddaughter who has been stricken with this devastating malady, and her story follows:
To everyone in attendance at the Wall-Toten wedding on June 2, 2007, the event seemed like a wonderful new beginning. The bride, Tandi, a devoted mom of four, had moved her family in search of a "new" life. It was no accident or vain chance that, she took a job as a teacher's aide at an elementary school where she chose to settle, and one of her second-grade students, Sarah Wall, fell in love with her and somehow was able to introduced her to her father. His name was Glade, a widower with three children .He had tragically lost his wife in a car accident three years prior. Tandi and Glade instantly fell in love, and it wasn’t long before they celebrated the joining of these two families. It was truly a day of great celebration. They were on "cloud-nine" and very much in love. The happy couple left the following day for their Fiji island honeymoon. Glade had made reservations to stay in an advertized resort village. When they arrived at their destination they found that it was a small and very primitive island village. While in Fiji, They ate some barracuda that some locals prepared for them, and within 12 hours Tandi becomes violently ill. There weren’t any medical facilities available on the island, and thinking it was a temporal condition they returned home. Her initial flu-like symptoms persisted and were soon accompanied by peeling skin, rashes, numbness and "pins and needles" in the lips and extremities, severe headaches, loss of coordination and fainting, muscle and joint aches, metallic taste in her mouth, depression, hallucinations and reversal of hot and cold sensation. Ciguatera fish poisoning is a common marine seafood toxin disease worldwide. It is largely under diagnosed and under reported in the world. Symptoms include gastrointestinal and neurological effects, as well as cardiovascular symptoms. Symptoms include headaches, muscular aches, numbness, pins and needles in the lips and extremities, muscle and joint pain, metallic taste in mouth, reversal of hot and cold sensation, hallucinations, depression and much more. My skin always feels like its burning says Tandi. Doctors are often at a loss to explain these symptoms and Ciguatera poisoning is frequently misdiagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis. There is NO known medical treatment or medicine which provides effective treatment or antidote for Ciguatera poisoning. The mainstay of treatment is supportive care. After countless doctor visits, Tandi was finally diagnosed with Ciguatera poisoning, a toxic reaction from eating fish contaminated with ciguatoxin. Ciguatera transformed Tandi, a once vibrant, active and fun-loving woman into someone bedridden and suffering from agonizing pain each and every day. Her days of hiking, gardening, biking, jogging, teaching and laughing were now spent in chronic pain. After getting home to Heber City, Utah and visiting medical professional doctors could not diagnose my sickness for weeks. As I became sicker and sicker, we saw an Infectious Disease Doctor and that is how I found out I have Ciguatera.

In an attempt to relieve the unbearable pain, a doctor prescribed Methadone, an opiod medication used to treat chronic pain. While some of her Ciguatera symptoms were eased by the medication, life did not return to normal. Many times Methadone put Tandi into a "zombie-like" state.
It wasn't until months later that Tandi and those around her became aware of the dangers of the drug Methadone, especially the large doses prescribed she take every day. Tandi made the decision to get
off the potentially lethal drug. However, as she quickly learned, getting off Methadone is not an easy task. She began weaning herself from the drug slowly (with doctor's assistance); but as she did, the withdrawal and Ciguatera symptoms began attacking her body with a vengeance. It is well documented that Methadone is the hardest drug to detoxify from and Tandi is currently struggling with this. More than ever her body is riddled with pain. She vomits daily, she can't sleep, and she hurts in ALL muscles and joints.
Tandi desperately wants her life back. She wants to care for and enjoy her supportive and caring husband and their seven beautiful children, but she needs support to make that happen. In order to get through the Methadone detoxify process and for hopeful relief from the Ciguatera symptoms, Tandi needs continued professional help; help that she simply cannot financially afford at this time. Family and close friends of the Wall's are asking for the public's support to raise aid by donated funds needed to get Tandi well. The Tandi M. Wall account has been established at "U.S. Bank". Any donations will be greatly appreciated. We know with Tandi's giving nature that she will make it her personal prioritized mission to reach out and help others which number is estimated to be from 10,000 to 50,000 effected consumers of this toxic poisoned fish per year are about the hazards and symptoms of Ciguatera Toxin (which symptoms are commonly mistaken for Multiple Sclerosis) and the dangers of prescription Methadone.
To make donations for the cause of Tandi, you can walk into any U.S. Bank or mail donations to: U.S. Bank (Tandi M. Wall Donation Account) 550 North Main Street, Heber City Utah 84032.

About one week ago I was awakened from a sound sleep and was led by the Holy Spirit to look-up and given to understand the following scriptures related to Tandi’s and others, unanswered prayers. It is due to the hardening of our hearts and our unbelief. I am aware that some of you will choose not to believe me, but I am not writing what I think, but what God has had written for our edification. He led me to Mark chapter 16 verses 16, 17 and 18. Where He divulged that He first gave to us the authority working with Him by using His name baptize believers into the Holy Ghost, and when it was manifest those baptized would speak with other tongues (for it is written, we know not what to pray for, but the spirit residing within us does), and during their sojourn through this mortal life, should any consume any poisonous substance, it would not harm them. This is why we ask God to bless our food when giving thanks. At this time I was referred to Mathew chapter 3 verse 11 where John the Baptist declared that he indeed baptized with water signifying acknowledgment of repentance, but Jesus would baptize believers with the Holy Ghost and with fire. (Power) The problem is with us, not believing and trusting God, for it is all done and finished through His blood sacrificed for us on the cross. We must obtain the true knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord and by faith put the devil to flight, and not ask, or expect our Father to do again what He has already done.
You can contact me at or (435) 671-5900.
Or my husband Glade, at or (435) 513-2600

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