Sunday, August 30, 2009

By God's Love and Grace we are winners.

It is written: There are four kinds of peoples on the earth. Three are losers and only one is a winner. They are: #1 loser -a scorner, one who rebukes instructions and denies God, #2 loser - a fool who knows it all, a humanist that thinks he is master of it all, #3 loser - a simple (naive person), who is easily swayed to believe folly and, #4 a winner- Is a wise man who diligently seeks the divine wisdom and knowledge of God and our Lord and savior Jesus and then applies it to daily living. One who relinquishes all selfness and trusts in God.
(Read and study Proverbs chapters 1 through 9)
Again I speak from experience: When you seek for the truth, the Kingdom of our Lord, you will find it but you will experience tribulations, traps set before you by our adversary the fouler and you shall experience persecution as Jesus has. But the Joy you receive far exceeds all.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spiritual assignment and responsibility

Dear Great Grand Children Robert and Cammi.
You have experienced one of the greatest gifts that God bestowed on man. You have just given birth and life to my beautiful great-great-granddaughter, number six in my direct line and I believe number 14 counting step children. Now I want to tell you a story:
In the beginning God created a man we know as Adam. He then created all other creatures that inhabit this earth, male and female created He them. They do mate in order to multiply their own kind, but man had no one. So He then created for him a female man, a help meet. (Not a helpmate). (The word ‘meet’ is from the prime root Hebrew word ‘Azar’ meaning surround, protect or to aid, succor meaning to give assistance in time of need or distress.) Adam named his help meet Eve; they were of one spirit in unity with each other. He failed to protect her when Satan’s snake of sin tempted her and she succumbed to his deceitful ploy while all the time he was witnessing the action. He also later failed his son Cain by not teaching him instructions in the ways of God. I speak with experience for I am guilty too because of ignorance and lacking any true relationship with God and Jesus I made a similar error. This was before I was led by His Spirit to know Him. It is evidence of the negative influence of Satan’s thoughts where there is a lack of knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.(Read Philippians 3:8) However, it is written by His Grace there is redemption and forgiveness without condemnation. If it were not for Jesus laying His life down at the cross in order that we might become knowledgeable of truth and receive His gift of life, that beautiful child would not be here today. This day you, my great-grandson have a dual responsibility, one to guide and protect your help meet in this evil and perplexed world, but two, raise your child, and any others that may follow in the knowledge and ways of our Lord.
Love; your Great grandpa Murdock.

Monday, August 24, 2009

God Why These Stories and Why Me?

God has revealed to me truths only available through the work of His Holy Spirit. He expounded on the gain available through our attaining the Excellency of the knowledge of Him and of Christ Jesus. This key to divine knowledge was stolen or lost before the earthly ministry of Jesus by the malicious and devious work of Satan. He used the frailty of man’s integrity, his dependency
on his fleshly knowledge of sensory perception, his egoism, pride, (self exaltations) ignorance and this world’s political culture of legalism to take away the key. (Luke 11:52) This condition has not changed to this day but has worsened. I knew that I could not write or say anything that God had not already and thoroughly explained in His Word. I asked myself often, why I am writing these stories of life. I can’t add anything to what is already written in His word but the Holy Spirit said “yes, but my children need the Key”. Many have become victims of Satan’s evil spirits and need enlightening and can relate to your stories and be able to apply their authority made possible by the cross to overcome the now powerless adversary. I still questioned my Lord, “why me?” He told me that He chooses whomsoever He wills to be His servants and directed me to Psalms 138:8 where I heard Him say, “He will perfect that which concerns me and forsake not the works of my own hands”. That finally did it and I stopped asking why me, I guess that I may be one of those whomsoever’s. He then directed me to the 3rd verse in Romans chapter 12 that reminded me that I should not think too highly of myself, but grow in Grace and in the ‘knowledge’ of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 3:18)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Power of God's thoughts

It is written: The thoughts that God thinks toward you and me are to give us an expected end. Note these thoughts are not about us, but are directed toward us, and have substanse. Using our free will and choosing to correctly respond to them will result in God'sexpected end. Which is our receiving the fullness of God and the oneness with Him and each other to develop, or mature us to enter the ultimate joy of eternal life with Him.
(Read Jeremiah 29:11)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prayer of Faith

I must make it a point to remind myself of God's faithfulness every morning. Remind myself of the benefits that are mine in Jesus. What are those benefits? Psalm 103 spells them out: 1. He forgives all my sins. 2. He heals all my diseases. 3. He redeems my life from destruction. 4. He crowns me with loving kindness and tender mercies. 5. He satisfies my mouth with good things so that my youth is renewed like the eagles. 6. He executes righteousness and judgment for me against oppression. He sets me free. 7. He makes known His ways to me. 8. He gives me His grace and mercy

Welcome Bloggers, Readers & Christians

This is my first blog and I will start out with just a little about myself and my latest books: My Father's Wondrous Love was published November of 2008 and my newest book out for 2009 is Blessing or Presumption. I will be posting encouraging messages to all those looking for inspiration and seeking all that our Creator has to offer. The purpose of this blog is not to just promote my books, but provide encouragement and enlightenment to all humanity. Enjoy and God Bless!

The following are recent releases for my books:

Murdock grew up during the Great Depression and knew full well how life could be difficult and challenging. Facing the challenges that our ever present and earth-bound adversary threw in his path, he managed to receive his high school diploma, despite the odds. He joined the Navy, receiving an extensive education in radio and radar electronics and, after World War II, became an electronics technical engineer for an aircraft manufacturer. Murdock thrived in his career, rapidly advancing, and becoming intricately involved in the development of technologies relevant to space exploration programs. His life was soon totally different from the one he was born into -- prosperity and all that came with it was what he now possessed. But although he’d overcome immeasurable obstacles in the past to achieve this material success, his greatest challenge was yet to come, until one day he “met” Jesus Christ. Once Jesus and God entered his life, his path became a different one and, with an open mind and heart, Murdock asked God, “Is my good fortune a blessing or a presumption?” The answer he received reveals a truth not well known and which may be shocking to some. Murdock gives the reader an inspiring truth about the meaning of God’s blessings and what Jesus’ birth, crucifixion and resurrection means to all believers.

Publisher’s website: ISBN: 978-1-60693-851-5 / SKU: 1-60693-851-7 The books are also available at Amazon and

My Father’s Wondrous Love, is a personal journey of author Franklin D. Murdock, towards spiritual realization.
“During my first sixty years of life, I lacked a personal relationship with God and Jesus,” says Murdock. “While I was blessed with material gains; my life was being overcome by the evil spirits of darkness.”
Murdock credits his spiritual enlightenment to “The divinely revealed truths, which are so cleverly and majestically concealed within God’s living love letter; the Bible. Contained within it, are all things pertaining to life, man’s fallacies, the true nature of God, and His master plan for creation. It defines Satan, Sin, and our greatest enemy – Selfishness. Without doubt, it substantiates the evidence of its infallibility.”
Today he is thankful for the wondrous love of God, and continually praises his Lord Jesus for rescuing him.

Publisher's Site:, Amazon and
$12.95 ISBN: 978-1-934925-78-2ISBN / SKU: 1-934925-78-0

I also have another book released early this year by another publisher titled "My Life in Poetry". Here is some information on that book:

Everything is fleeting…
Each moment will never pass again…
Every wonderful memory withers in time…
But keeping them in our hearts will let it live forever…
And to write them down is to share them to others…

Look into Franklin D. Murdock’s journey in life and follow his trail in his deep and emotive writings. Glide with his thoughtful words and feel the warmth of his affection in his multihued compilation of poems, My Life In Poetry. For more info:

About the Author: Spiritual author Frank Murdock is 88 years old and has been married and widowed three times. Mr. Murdock is the author of My Father’s Wondrous Love. He is a veteran and retired engineer from an aerospace manufacturing company and lives in Alabama.
Recent Media Coverage on my writing!
Decatur, Ala. 5/26/09
A man of vision
Frank Murdock doesn’t let being legally blind stop him from writing books, checking Facebook

By Patrice StewartStaff Writer

Frank Murdock, who is legally blind, uses a magnifying system on his computer to check his e-mail or correspond with his granddaughter over Facebook. His eyesight is failing due to macular degeneration.

Life goes by quickly, so it’s essential to prioritize the important things, says Frank Murdock.
This legally blind, 88-year-old resident of Cedar Springs in Decatur knows more about that than most people, and he’s not shy about sharing his beliefs.
He has outlived three wives and now spends much of his time writing, analyzing, and studying the Bible. Ignoring his dimming eyesight, he can stay busy in his apartment’s high-tech office for hours.

“It’s important not to let sight impairment handicap you. You learn how to be an overcomer,” he said. “Not seeing well is a handicap, but I’m not as handicapped as some people.”
Murdock has special talking computer equipment, machines that magnify up to 36 times with one word dominating the whole screen, and big screens that enable him to surf the Internet and check his e-mail, a Facebook account set up by a granddaughter, incoming daily devotionals and more. He contacts his publisher by e-mail and is currently checking proofs of his third book, which should be available in June. Because he is classified as disabled due to blindness, he attended eight weeks of blind rehabilitation classes at the Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical Center to learn how to use his magnifying equipment and other skills. He uses a “Scrip Reader” machine that reads prescription labels on bottles and tells him when to take them. He also learned to create crafts in rehab. Murdock doesn’t watch much television because he has to be so close to the screen to distinguish anything. But he does follow the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. He listens to the game and pulls up close to the TV to check on the action.

He was baptized at 48 and has been a member of Baptist and other churches; his membership is still at First Assembly of God of Victorville, Calif. He taught Bible studies for seniors in several locations.

“Being here, I have no excuses not to prioritize things to study God’s word,” he said, “and he has revealed things to me that are just amazing.”

He has written about some of them in his books. One is a compilation of poems, “My Life in Poetry,” begun in 1937 when Hitler was ravaging. Then he wrote “My Father’s Wondrous Love” about the master plan for each life. His latest book is “Blessing or Presumption?” and addresses the path he’s taken through a life that often seemed filled with good fortune.

“I didn’t write my stories for monetary purposes but because I was moved to write about my life and the validity of God’s word and leave a heritage for my grandchildren,” he said.
He has laid out the basics for a fourth possible book: “The Best Is Yet to Come.”

His books are available through and other booksellers, as well as at the seven Discount Tobacco stores in the area owned by his son.
Frank Murdock’s guide to living a rich life:

· Remember that only you can establish priorities in your family life. Spend time with your loved ones, because they are not going to be around forever.
· Say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side.
· Give a warm hug to the one next to you, because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart, and it doesn’t cost a cent.
· Say “I love you” to your partner and your loved ones, but most of all, mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside you.
· Hold hands and cherish the moment, for some day that person will not be there again.
· Make it a priority to set aside time to study God’s word and pray, and share the thoughts in your mind.
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